Friday, 25 September 2009

The Mayonnaise Queen

On my trial shift at my new work the head chef tested me with various tasks throughout the day. The most complicated of which was mayonnaise. A difficult feat for anyone especially under the supervision of this ex-michellin star and future boss. It started off ok, mixing two yolks with half a crushed garlic, a little dijon mustard and some lemon. Then the pomace oil was poured in a continuous stream little by little. Here came the challenge. A shaky hand would be the killer. It was- three half-cloves of garlic and ten 'sorry this doesn't happen when me and my mum do it at home''s later and I was feeling the heat in the kitchen to say the least. Seeing Mayonnaise split has never been so heart-wrenching. I desperately wanted the job and wasn't going to let a couple of egg-yolks get in my way. I gathered my strength, desperately tried to keep a steady hand and finally I could see a thick creamy texture form- I knew my my goal was in sight.
I am two weeks into the job now and I distinctly remember the phrase 'Mayonnaise Queen' being used just the other day as I conquered a Coriander and Lemon Mayonnaise, and even a Saffron Aioli by that very same Michellin Starred Chef whose stare had once felt capable of turning me to stone.
Mission accomplished.

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