Friday, 2 October 2009

My Omeli Alice

Omeli in German means Grandma so we call her Omeli. Here she is in her youth looking beautiful. On the right she sits in the garden with her dad and mum Italian mum who was something ridiculous like 4ft!


Macaroon and Satc day. These will be the basis of my upcoming stall in Borough Market [if they want me, sent of application today]. Omeli's will be a Macaroon obsessed stall all by the Recipe of my Swiss Omeli.

Ice-cream Boutique at Selfridges!

Maybe just novelty but this new boutique in the ultralounge of Selfridges sells crazy sweet and savoury ice-creams, they even have this thing called a SexPistol which is Viagra Ice-cream served in a water gun- wonder if it works! These Ice-creamists are real-life Wonkers by the sounds of it! Must go asap for a complimentary first scoop!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

a sunday of baking

Today I bought a whole box of old passionfruits for £3 and so set about making sweet treats for my sister's boss who had given us some festival tickets. Passionfruit cheesecakes. passionfruit
topped cupcakes and a few other inventions for good measure. Chocolate buttons was one idea which led to a run in with my mum. I tried to convert a plain bisquit recipe for one with chocolate, I used half the amount of sugar thinking the chocolate I was adding would add the rest of the sweetness-I was wrong, mum got very upset for the lost buttons. All was reconciled with a little melted chocolate brushed on at the end to ensure the sweet taste mum thought necessary. macaroons, chocolate buttons, passionfruit cheescake, cupcakes and blueberry muffins in a wooden box=heaven. Now off to watch the September Issue with Bobby, finishing off a lovely productive Sunday afternoon.