Sunday, 27 September 2009

a sunday of baking

Today I bought a whole box of old passionfruits for £3 and so set about making sweet treats for my sister's boss who had given us some festival tickets. Passionfruit cheesecakes. passionfruit
topped cupcakes and a few other inventions for good measure. Chocolate buttons was one idea which led to a run in with my mum. I tried to convert a plain bisquit recipe for one with chocolate, I used half the amount of sugar thinking the chocolate I was adding would add the rest of the sweetness-I was wrong, mum got very upset for the lost buttons. All was reconciled with a little melted chocolate brushed on at the end to ensure the sweet taste mum thought necessary. macaroons, chocolate buttons, passionfruit cheescake, cupcakes and blueberry muffins in a wooden box=heaven. Now off to watch the September Issue with Bobby, finishing off a lovely productive Sunday afternoon.

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